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December 2022 – Holiday Deep Breathing Meditation

Hi All, This month I wanted to shares with you a holiday deep breathing meditation to help you destress, relax and center yourself so that you are fully present to share your love, help others and enjoy your holiday season. I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!   Click […]

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September 2022 – Healthy Family Routines

Hi All, The kids are back to school so how are you going to teach them healthy lifestyle habits to not only benefit all of you now but for the rest of your lives. This video discusses how to incorporate healthy family routines into your daily lives, check it out!  Click on the Video Box […]

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March 2020 – Be Present on Your Journey

Hi All, Sometimes we work so hard to achieve something that we believe is right for us but it does not work out and we end up frustrated and wondering what to do.  In this video I will shares with you tips on how to how to Be Present on Your Journey so you can […]

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