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42396388 - three generation family walking along beachThe same way sugar causes decay to your teeth, stress causes decay to your spine and nerve system.  The chemical, physical & mental emotional stressors you experience on a daily basis can accumulate becoming more than your body can effectively handle.

Your health, wellness & performance are dependent upon the health of your nerve system.

Your nerve system is the master control system of your body. Interference in your nerve system (subluxation), can lead to your body not functioning properly.

What Causes Subluxation (Interference in your Nerve System)?


Chemical, Physical & Mental Emotional Stress

(The 3 T’s – Toxins, Trauma & Thought)

spineChemical Stress includes pollutants, toxins, prescription & over the counter medications. Our biggest daily chemical stressor is the food we eat, including refined processed carbohydrates, junk food, white sugar, white flour, animal products with hormones & antibiotics, GMO’s, soda, sports drinks, etc.

Physical Stress includes falls, traumas, accidents and injuries. Our biggest daily physical stressors include a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, constant use of video games and smart phones, etc.

Mental/Emotional Stress includes all those things you usually associate with stress, including stressful work environments, school, relationships, etc.

You can’t feel when subluxation occurs. Usually the problem develops well before any pain does. Therefore, you need a chiropractor to assess your nervous system on a regular basis to locate and correct any subluxation that may be present.

fuseboxWhen you experience more stress than your body can handle, your body protects itself by blocking the flow of this excess stress through your nerve system with a subluxation, the same way a fuse blows in your fuse box at home when an electrical surge occurs. When you blow a fuse at home, you go to the fuse box and “flick” it back on, restoring the flow of electricity and turning your lights back on. In our office, through the use of a gentle chiropractic adjustment, subluxation is cleared by “flicking” your fuses back on. This turns your power back on, allowing energy and information to flow freely, creating a nerve system clear of interference; thereby maximizing your health and performance.

In addition to utilizing the chiropractic adjustment to reduce the body’s stress and improve nerve system function, Dr. Stern offers lifestyle counseling to help you decrease your stressors and take control of your health. Once your health and performance goals have been met, regular chiropractic check-ups, like regular dental check-ups, are utilized to keep you subluxation free and to allow you to perform at your best and enjoy your highest quality of life.


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