COVID-19: What Is Your Plan to Stay Healthy?

Hi All,

There is a whole lot of scare going on related to the Corona Virus, so what are you doing to keep your family and yourself healthy?

We have all heard that we should wash our hands regularly and this is a great idea.  Along with this, I suggest:

  1. Get Adjusted: (This is Vital) Come in and get your family checked for nerve system interference.  Research show that getting chiropractic adjustments can boost your immune system!
  2. Get enough sleep: Adults 7-8 hrs and kids 8-12 depending on age
  3. Eat Healthy: Get lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut back on the fast food, sugar, chemicals, caffeine…
  4. Drink Water: At least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day
  5. Exercise: Be active and get moderate levels of exercise
  6. Reduce/Manage Your Stress: Have effective tools to manage your stress

Don’t let this epidemic scare you, let it mobilize you to keep your family and your health at its best.

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