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August 2021 – Carrot Hot Dogs

Hi All, Watch this video for a GREAT healthy, vegan, lo cal Carrot Hot Dog recipe it tastes just like a hot dog. I love it and hope you will as too! Click on the Video Box below to watch the video  Here are some other GREAT recipes you may want to try: Smoky […]

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February 2020 – Break Your Overeating Habits

Hi All, Do you find yourself reaching for food even when you are not hungry? Do you tend to snack a lot at night? In this newsletter I will share with you some tips and tools on how to break your overeating habits that are causing weight gain and poor health. Click on the Video […]

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March 2019 – Stay Healthy with Good Nutrition

Hi All, This month I share more GREAT information on how you and your family can stay healthier this winter.  Watch this short video and learn some great tips on how to best support your immune system with nutrition.  I hope this information helps you and your family stay healthy this winter and make sure […]

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