Wellness Products


Dr. Stern is constantly evaluating health and wellness products to provide his practice members with the highest quality, products to enhance their overall Health, Wellness & Quality of Life!  Stop in and pick-up something for someone you love.

Vitamins & Supplements

12576728-close-up-of-apple-and-pills-isolated-vitamin-concept-stock-photoAll the wellness supplements sold by Dr. Stern have been carefully researched and are of the highest quality.  Dr. Stern will make appropriate recommendations and monitor your progress recommending changes to your diet and supplementation as needed.

Custom Molded Orthotics

When needed, Dr. Stern will evaluate your gait and if necessary will fit you for custom molded orthotics to provide proper arch support which in-turn will reduce undue stress on your structural alignment and nerve system allowing you to have improved function, performance & health.

Pillows & Spinal Support

therapeutica-spinal-supportAll pillows & supports sold by Dr. Stern have been carefully researched, are unlike the standard products you see ut in the market and are of the highest quality.  Dr. Stern will evaluate your needs and recommend the appropriate products to enhance the quality of your life.

Vegan Nutritional Shakes & Bars

vega_nutritionalshake_largetub_us_groupshot_smallerMade from real, whole food, non-GMO ingredients—including premium plant-based proteins, vitamins and minerals—Vega One is like a serving of “I’ve totally got this” in a glass or bar. With everything you need, all in one delicious serving, Vega One gives you the nutritional confidence to tackle your full life with gusto — no matter how much you pack into it.

Lifestyle Accessories

VitamixSince 1937, these machines have set the standard for durability, versatility and sheer power.  Vitamix is one of the most trusted brands in high performance blending technology for your home and business.

Make your own delicious smoothies with the same blender brand trusted by top national smoothie chains. Whether you’re craving a refreshing tropical smoothie, green smoothie or a hot soup packed with nutrients, there are plenty of healthy recipes to choose from.

How Do I Get Started?

(847) 537-BACK (2225) or email docstern@SternChiro.com