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About Stern ChiropracticReception

Stern Chiropractic is your solution to Maximizing your family’s Health and Performance Naturally.

Located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Dr. Stern is a highly qualified & passionate Doctor of Chiropractic. Through a variety of techniques, Dr. Stern provides exceptional care to individuals & families who are interested in improving their overall Health, Wellness, Performance & Quality of Life.   Learn more about Dr. Stern.

Whether you are looking to enhance the performance of your child in their favorite sport, school or favorite activity, Dr. Stern provides all the pieces to the puzzle.  Perhaps it’s your overall family wellness you seek, Stern Chiropractic is focussed on maximizing your family’s health and performance naturally.

wellnesspuzzleDr. Stern has a unique and individualized approach to addressing each practice member’s needs and will help to create a plan to achieve their performance & health goals.  This is accomplished by optimizing the function of your master control system (your nerve system).  In addition, Dr. Stern will coach you and your family on how to enhance your performance even further through lifestyle counseling which will address elements of your diet, supplementation, sleep habits, stress management skills, meditation, visualization & other performance enhancing tools.



Chiropractic Care

Your nerve system is the master control system of your body controlling the function of all organs, tissues & cells in your body.  Interference in your nerve system can lead to your body not functioning properly.

Chiropractic is a safe, effective, holistic approach to Health that facilitates and accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

Your body is designed to heal and regulate itself unless something interferes with it such as…Learn More

Lifestyle Counseling

The same way sugar causes decay to your teeth, stress does it to your nerve system.  The chemical, physical & mental emotional stressors you experience on a daily basis can accumulate becoming more than your body can can effectively handle…Learn More

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist has a strong background in working with youth athletes, pregnant women, those coming in with a variety of aches and pains as well as those seeking to enhance their overall wellness…Learn More

Wellness Products

Dr. Stern is constantly evaluating health and wellness products to provide his practice members with the highest quality, best possible products to enhance their overall Health, Wellness & Quality of Life!  Stop in and pick-up something for someone you love…Learn More

How Do I Get Started?
(847) 537-BACK (2225) or email docstern@SternChiro.com