I first started to see Dr. Stern when I was in my first Rose Baratitrimester, pregnant with my second child. My whole body was out of order and I was in a lot of pain.

After the first week of treatments Dr. Stern had me feeling great. He continued to adjust me through my pregnancy and still continues to adjust me every other week. My children have also benefited from Dr. Stern’s treatments. My daughter who was always constipated started to see Dr. Stern when she was 20 months old, his adjustments helped her get back on track and she hasn’t had a problem since, she is now 4 1/2.

My son started to see Dr. Stern when he was two weeks old, his whole little body was out of whack just from the delivery. First, Dr. Stern started with his head which was totally uneven and in just a matter of a few weeks he had his head perfectly round. I would have never known his head was so uneven because the pediatricians don’t measure each side they just measure the whole head. Then he straightened out his little spine and pelvis. Let’s just say James has never had a problem with constipation. He’s 2 now and has to be the first one to get adjusted every visit.

Also, another benefit of seeing Dr. Stern is we very rarely ever get sick or if we start to get sick we make a quick visit to Dr. Stern to get our bodies aligned and whatever symptoms we have go away.

Anyway, I am a true believer in Dr. Stern’s chiropractic care he truly cares for all his patients and their health. I have never met a doctor like him and have learned so much from my visits with him and still hope to keep learning in the years ahead. Rose Barati 7/28/06