Here is a little comparison we made last year:
8 months
15 trips to the emergency room
3 surgeries
4 teams of doctors
65 pounds
$130,000 in medical bills


1 Chiropractor

Yes, that is what we compared last year before we found our answer. And as you may guess, our answer was the 1 chiropractor, Dr. Gregg Stern.

Here is our story. It began on Valentine’s Day, 2005.
After what seems like a rather uneventful day, I started feeling a bit nauseous and by the middle of the night, I was in the emergency room, dehydrated from hours of vomiting, and overcome by the pain associated with my activities. The next day they took out my gallbladder, told me I was fine, sent me home with minor instructions about taking it easy and eating whatever felt ok. 24 hours later I was back in the emergency room, same symptoms, no answers.

Over the next weeks and months, there were 13 more trips to the ER (all in the middle of the night, of course), counting the one in Las Vegas, 2 more invasive surgeries that were supposed to be “the answer” and still no real changes, except for the 65 pounds I lost. I was always nauseous- no relief at any time.

In August, my wife suggested that we talk to Dr. Stern. I thought: “how will straightening my back help me loose this nauseous feeling? I still believed chiropractors were for sore backs and necks, but nothing else. We had tried everything else, and my wife told me that Dr. Stern talks about total wellness, that everything needs to be in place for the body to heal itself. At this point, I was ready to try anything!

After my first appointment, I had a most unusual sensation: the lack of nausea! It was only for a few hours at first, and many adjustments were needed. I went twice a day for the first week and almost daily the next week. He helped align the areas of my body that produced these symptoms until the symptoms corrected themselves. In addition to his treatments, he suggested regular massages as supplemental therapy. This too was a good thing!

It is now a year later. I have not been back to the hospital since I began my treatments with Dr. Stern. I maintain a somewhat regular schedule of adjustments, massages and I even practice meditation between appointments. I feel much better and have the tools to maintain my health. Thanks to Dr. Stern, I found a few of those pounds I lost, but more important than that, I found a road to health that I can travel.

Submitted with appreciation for all Dr. Stern has done for me,