Helen Kay

Helen Kay
I originally came to Stern Chiropractic as a referral from an excellent chiropractor who moved to Indiana last April and had given me acupuncture treatments because of serious sinus infections. I also needed an up-dated evaluation of bursitis in my left hip so I could begin a daily walking program. This segment of my chiropractic results began in October of 2003 using acupuncture with my previous chiropractor, then continuing with acupuncture and the evaluation of my bursitis in May of 2004 with Dr. Stern.

The benefits I’ve received from chiropractic care include:

-having minor sinus infections that I can manage on my own;
-being motivated to follow a healthy eating plan using multi-vitamin/minerals, Calcium, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Garlitrin;
-increased range of motion, stretching exercises, and return to normal walking with less weakness from bursitis;
-and the ability to loose weight as a result of my walking program;

I have found additional benefits from chiropractic care:
-having an increased level of physical and mental energy;
-decrease in headaches or feelings of being lethargic/depressed;
-more positive outlook about each day and my desire to see the future; learning more about maintaining healthy brain function;
-giving a priority to invest time and resources needed for my health care.

As a result of chiropractic care, my friends, family and colleagues tell me that I look healthier. They have said that I appear happier and calmer when dealing with adversity. I’ve also been able to discontinue taking medication for sleeping and for headaches. The mental and physical stamina I have allows me to recover quickly when I need to complete tasks that are beyond my ordinary day: climbing the ladder, trimming trees/bushes, cleaning the garage, moving heavy objects, using tools, painting, washing the car, or doing manual labor.

Now I desire to take my daily walks because it gives me a “high feeling” of accomplishment! I follow my healthy eating diet because I have less cravings and my hunger is satisfied by getting proper nutrition. My intake of water has increased and given me the awareness to sense when water intake is low. I continually tell many people about the great results I’ve achieved with chiropractic and acupuncture care. I’m just feeling healthy and good about myself! This is my walk for life!

Thrilled with my results: Helen Kay Sirek, Elementary Teacher.