I am a 23 year old female. I worked at a fairly physical job until Elisabeth JohnsonDecember of 2003, when I tore the cartilage behind my right kneecap.

I began my treatment at Stern Chiropractic in September of 2004. I had undergone knee surgery in late July of the same year, and was still in a lot of pain. My physical therapist suggested to me that I try acupuncture as a means of lessening my, more or less, constant pain.

I researched online to find an acupuncturist in my area, and chose to contact Dr. Stern for my acupuncture needs. While I was at my first consultation, Dr. Stern explained to me that my body has a great power to heal itself. I agreed. But really, more or less half-heartedly. I had been hurt for so long, I was pretty much hating my body. He talked with me about chiropractic care. And I decided to think about it; to just wait and see if this guy knew what he was talking about. After my first treatment I was a convinced. I could walk, move, and stand with a moderate level of comfort. It was the first time in nine months that I had experienced such normalcy.

I thought I would give this chiropractic stuff a try. I figured that at least it could help my back deal with the problems associated with my limping. When I went to my consultation appointment, I filled out your basic: what are your current, or chronic health issues information. I have insulin resistance, I am allergic to corn syrup, I am always sick-lots of sinus infections and bronchitis, I have an irregular menstrual cycle, seasonal allergies, I have sprained my ankles 7 times and have been casted 3 times for severe sprains, and am recovering from knee surgery.

I thought I was merely filling this form out for his records, but was pleasantly surprised that most of these were to be things which would be alleviated. I no longer have a reaction to corn syrup, I have yet to get sick, my cycle seems to be more regular, I have gone off my insulin medication, and my back and hips are little affected by my knee recovery. In addition to the changes in wellness, I am also noticeably less cranky, and more self-aware. I have not made any other lifestyle changes, so I am fairly convinced that it is my chiropractic care that has made the change, and allowed my body to heal its self.