Plan for a Great Year – November-December 2004

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Referral Corner:
The Greatest Compliment my Patients Can Give is the Referral of Their Friends and Loved Ones. Thank You For Your Trust. This month, I would like to thank the following people: Maureen McLaughlin, Meredith Baker-Rush, Ghida Neukirch, Dr. Jefferson Schott, The Fredericks Family & The Wilk Family.

Charity Corner:
During November & December, Stern Chiropractic will be collecting non-perishable food for the Vernon Township Food Pantry as well as collecting contributions for The Lake County Meals on Wheels. A matching contribution will be made by Stern Chiropractic (certain restrictions apply). Please join me in helping those needier than ourselves.

Topic of the Month : PLAN FOR A GREAT NEW YEAR

With the New Year approaching and so many things to do, who can think about planning for next year? Answer: Anyone who wants to reduce their stress and guide their future in the direction they choose instead of having random happenings plot their life’s direction for them. This edition of Taking Control of Your Health will discuss Taking Control of Your Life.

Why is a chiropractor writing about planning your life? One of the most common causes of chronic health problems today is STRESS. Lack of direction, purpose and control is a huge source of stress. Your body is a magnificent self-healing and self-regulating organism who’s master control system is the Nervous System. The nervous system is what interprets and responds to stress. Interference in your nervous system inhibits your body’s ability to function properly and to manage stress properly. Chiropractors are the only physicians trained to find and remove interference in your nervous system. As a chiropractor who specializes in maternity, pediatric and family wellness care, I find myself regularly discussing with my patients and presenting at lectures information about stress management. Stress can come in several forms; Chemical, Physical, Mental and Emotional. No matter what form, Stress Kills! It starts out by causing Subluxation (dysfunction of the spinal joints causing pressure onto the spinal nerves). Over time, if your are not getting periodic nervous system check-ups at your chiropractor, these subluxations become more chronic. As they become more chronic, your body has less and less ability to manage stress and you start to get sick and/or hurt more frequently. This cycle continues to snowball until the end.

Taking action and taking control of the controllable elements around you is effective, empowering and will dramatically reduce your stress. The more you know about where you are going, the less indecision there is about how you are getting there.

It takes the human mind 90 days and many hours of repetition to make an impression from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. By writing out your goals now and reviewing them on a regular basis, you will be on the right track for the upcoming year.

Why should I write down my goals?

With life as busy as it is, even things that seem so important to us now get lost in the haze when we get overwhelmed with things we need to take care of. Written goals tend to keep you on track. They keep you focused in the right direction. Written goals act as yard stick to see how far you have to come and how far you have to go. Writing your goals crystallizes your thoughts and lends clarity to your purpose. The act of sitting down and writing your goals is the first action step in attaining them

How do you get started?

Start with the big picture and work your way into the details.

1. Create a Statement of Higher Purpose – sit down and think about your ultimate dream life if there were no obstacles and nothing was impossible. Picture what your professional life, your personal life, your social life, your financial life and your spiritual life would be like. Write down your vision in great detail (it should be detailed enough so when you read it you can touch, taste and feel it).

2. Create the short term, mid-range and long term goals that will get you to your vision. These goals should be realistic but aggressive enough to push you. The more clear and detailed your goals, the more likely they will be achieved. Organize these goals by Personal Goals (including Health Goals), Professional Goals, People/Relationship goals, Prosperity Goals & Play Goals. Write down a date to accomplish each goal by i.e. 6/30/05 or 9/30/20.

3. Write down the action steps you are willing to take to accomplish the goals. These are the specific steps you will take on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to achieve your goals.

4. Write down the benefits that you will derive from achieving your goal. This will help you maintain your motivation.

Review these on a regular basis to keep yourself on track.

In addition, prepare daily Affirmations and Visualizations that support you and keep you going.

Remember: Your kids experience tremendous amounts of stress from birth, learning to crawl, learning to walk, going to school, carrying heavy backpacks… Don’t leave them home to get sick! Make a plan to get them a nervous system check-up quarterly, with a chiropractor certified in pediatrics, to make sure their bodies are not being damaged by stress.

A final thought: You must give in order to receive. Charitable acts and acts of love and kindness come back to you in many wonderful ways.

Have a happy and healthy new year and let’s create a wonderful 2005 together.


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I hope this information helps you take control of your health and your life! If you have any questions, feedback or have any suggestions for future topics, please call or email me.

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Don’t forget the importance of maintaining your health with regular chiropractic and acupuncture care.


Gregg Stern, D.C., FICPA