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February 2023 – Chiropractic Care

Hi All, This month I continue with Setting the Tone for your BEST YEAR EVER with a discussion of how chiropractic care can help Maximize your family’s Health, Performance and Quality of Life. I also discuss some of the High Tech, non-invasive tools I use to make sure your family is getting the exact care […]

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June 2022 – Nature

Hi All, Summer is here and it is time to spend a lot of time outside and in nature. Today I will discuss all the GREAT health benefits of being out in nature. Check it out! Click on the Video Box below to watch the video  Make sure to check out my extensive Newsletters […]

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December 2021 – Gratitude

Hi All, December is here and this holiday season I am encouraging everyone to turn inward and focus on what you are grateful for and then share that gratitude and positive energy with those around you.  I encourage you to perform random acts of kindness to help others and in turn you will benefit as […]

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