October 2013 – Juicing Video

Hi All,

October is here and with it comes Halloween, National Child Health Day and Fall.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and Child Health is my specialty so in honor of these 2 GREAT days, Stern Chiropractic is offering you this WONDERFUL promotion:

                          Take Keep you spine in shape and you will be happycare of your SKeep you spine in shape and you will be happyKELETON Or it may come back to haunt you!

 50% OFF All Child Initial Exams during October 2013

* must mention this promotion when scheduling your exam


As mentioned above, October brings with it Fall and the change of seasons.  Many of us fear change and do whatever we can to maintain the status quo but remember, The only thing certain in this world is change.

Be the change you want to see in this world! 

– Mahatma Gandhi

Stern Chiropractic is always trying to grow and improve and with that we bring you a change in this newsletter.  I have written several newsletters on juicing and encourage you to check them out.  Click this link to read the most recent one, July 2013 – Juicing Made Easy.  But this month we bring you a short video newsletter showing you how to juice.  I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE, give me feedback and let me know your thoughts and suggestions for future videos.


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