March 2012 – Better Health & Higher Performance

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March is here and we are almost 25% into 2012.  Are Chiropactic will improve your health and performanceyou at your PEAK function?  Are you ready for all that life brings you?  Have you prepared yourself for your BEST YEAR EVER?

If you are to be performing at your highest levels and have your BEST YEAR EVER, you are going to have to have a Master Control System that is functioning at its optimal levels.

Your nerve system is the master control system of your body.  In the same way that sugar causes decay in your teeth, STRESS (Chemical, Physical and Mental/Emotional) cause decay in your nerve system.


Your Information Superhighway

Your nerve system is the “Information Super Highway” of your body and STRESS causes Road Construction.   If communication is blocked from passing back and forth between the brain and the body, your body won’t work properly i.e.

Stress Causes road construction on your information superhighway– If the blocked nerves are in your neck, you may experience headaches, neck pain, arm pain, allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, memory issues, brain fog, vertigo, hearing issues, visual problems …

– If the blocked nerves are in you upper and mid-back – you may experience pain between the shoulder blades, poor posture, digestive issues like gassiness, bloating, indigestion, heart burn, reflux, respiratory issues, poor immunity …

– If the blocked nerves are in your low back you may experience low back pain, hip pain, constipation, diarrhea, menstrual issues, PMS, prostate problems, sexual dysfunction, infertility …

The health issues you may experience are directly related to the body parts and organ systems whose communication connection has been cut off.  Click on this TTAT Brochure  to see a self assessment worksheet where you can relate any symptoms you may have to the areas of the nerve system that control them.


Are You Blowing Fuses?

Your nerve system acts like the fuse box at your house.  When there is a storm and a surgeNerve System is like a Fuse Box comes in to your home, a fuse will “blow” and the lights and electricity will go out.  This blown fuse is not a bad thing, even though the lights temporarily go out, it protects your home from a potentially deadly or damaging electrical surge.

In your body, the storm is the accumulation of chemical, physical & mental/emotional stressors and when they become overwhelming, your nerve system will blow a fuse.  We call this blown fuse SUBLUXATION.  On one hand, this subluxation is not bad because it is protecting your body from greater damage from ongoing STRESS.  But, if left unaddressed, this subluxation can lead to ongoing blockage of communication to the areas of the body that those nerves serve leading to degenerative disease in the spine and potentially severe health problems in the areas that are not receiving proper communication from these blocked nerves.


How Do You Address SUBLUXATION?

Kids NEED chiropractic careThe only way to get rid of subluxation is with a thorough chiropractic assessment (to determine where you are subluxated) and a specific chiropractic adjustment (to remove the subluxation).  A chiropractic adjustment will flip your fuses back on, turning your power on and allowing your body to communicate, heal and function the way it was designed to.




Once I Have Been Adjusted, Is the Problem Fixed?

Take care of your spine & nerve system at least as well as you do your teethSimilar to the way your teeth require regular brushing, flossing and regular check-ups to stay healthy, your nerve system requires regular chiropractic care.  As stated above, subluxation comes from excessive lifestyle stressors that have become more than your body can handle.  The adjustment turns you power back on but if you continue to have the same lifestyle stressors, you will continue to blow fuses.

The CAUSE of the problem is your LIFESTYLE!



Getting to the Cause

Dr. Stern is a Board Certified Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatric, Maternity and Family Wellness Care.  His specialty is Wellness care for infants through seniors.  In addition to performing a detailed evaluation of your health, your problems and your lifestyle using the latest technology in computerized nerve system evaluation tools, Dr. Stern will determine exactly what needs to be done not only to address your current “problem” but will also provide natural lifestyle solutions on how to STOP RECREATING THE SAME PROBLEMS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!


At least treat the Master Control System of your body as well as you do your teeth.

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