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October 2021 – Posture & Ergonomics

Hi All, Watch this short video and find out how you can help yourself and your kids have better posture & ergonomics at your desks and on the go. Learn how your current posture & ergonomics could be causing you pain and long term health problems and make sure to watch the whole video to […]

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September 2021 – Back to School Ergonomics

Hi All, It’s back to school time and your kids will be sitting all day so make sure to watch this short video to learn how you can help your kids, and yourself, have better posture & ergonomics when using your electronics. Learn how their current posture & ergonomics could be causing them pain and […]

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February 2020 – The Magic Bullet

Hi All, As we start a new chapter for our country I hope we see greater Love, Joy, Unity, Health and Happiness.  To help with that, today I share with you “the Magic Bullet” to better health. Click on the Video Box below to watch the video  The following are links to learn more […]

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