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May 2019 – Kombucha

Hi All, Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea that supports good digestion, immune function & health.  In this video I will show you how to make Kombucha at home.  I am happy to provide free scobies (while supplies last) to those who want to try this so please feel free to reach out and make sure to share this with...[ read more ]
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March 2019 – Stay Healthy with Good Nutrition

Hi All, This month I share more GREAT information on how you and your family can stay healthier this winter.  Watch this short video and learn some great tips on how to best support your immune system with nutrition.  I hope this information helps you and your family stay healthy this winter and make sure to share this with your...[ read more ]
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January 2019 – New Years Resolutions

Hi All, Happy New Year!  I hope the information I provide here helps you and your family achieve your health and wellness goals for this this year! Click on the Video Box below to watch the video Click HERE for a deeper dive into the lifestyle information I mentioned in this video.   If you have any questions or are ready...[ read more ]
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