June 2013 – Healthy Eating and Shopping Made Easy

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Welcome to June!  I hope by now many of you have been spending more time out in the Get up and get activefresh air and sun and enjoying all that nature has to offer.  Health is very much about getting back to the basics and what is natural in our diet, exercise, sleep, relationships and spirituality.  We all know what we should be eating, how much we should be exercising and sleeping, how we should treat other people and what feels right for ourselves on a spiritual level but with all the hustle bustle, running around, constant advertising of pills, potions and lotions we “need” and processed “foods” we should buy, much of what we “know” gets lost and we end up eating junk, spending too much time looking at screens (computers, TV’s, phones, video games …), not sleeping or exercising as much as we need to, taking our frustrations out on others and loosing our connection to ourselves and the world around us.  Does this sound about right?

Since February, I have coordinated these newsletters with our Healthy Lifestyles Educational Series of programs that I have presented and will continue to present on the 2nd Monday of each month (2/13 – 9/13).  If you have not been able to make it to the programs, I encourage you to try.  The reviews have been OUTSTANDING, they are a lot of fun, you will learn a lot and this month and next will be at Whole Foods in Kildeer were we will be walking around the store learning how to pick the best foods and next month will be making and sampling juices.

Our newsletters provide summaries of these programs and I encourage you to utilize our Newsletter Archive as a resource when you have questions about diet, exercise, supplementation, restorative rest, stress management, meditation or any other health and wellness questions.  If you don’t find the answers to your questions, give us a call for a FREE consultation!

Healthy Eating and Shopping Made Easy

We all innately know that eating healthy food contributes to healthier bodies and betterHealthy Diets Help Children do better in School overall health but did you ever think about how eating unhealthy and junk foods contribute to unhealthy bodies as well as increases your chances of disease and death?  Even if you have thought about these things, with all the crazy advertising these days, do you really know which foods are healthy and which are not?  Even if you go with the basics and say that vegetables and fruits are a good choice, do you know how to pick the healthiest vegetables & fruits?  Do you need to choose organic?  Read More …

The 1st step is knowing what to eat.  To learn more about the foods you should be eating to have a balanced healthy diet (protein, fat and carbs) take a look at one of our previous newsletters Eating Healthy Made Simple as well as Back to School Health Tips to learn how to incorporate this into breakfast, lunch and dinner and how to get the whole family on board.



How about meat?

Should you eat meat or not eat meat?  This is a choice to be made by each individual as youIs Meat Healthy can have a healthy or unhealthy diet whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan.  If you chose to eat meat, Antibiotic & hormone free is the way to go.  The chicken is healthier when it is free range and the beef is better for you when it is lean and grass fed (more omega 3’s in the meat).


How about fish?

When prepared properly it is low in calories and potentially healthy especially if you areFish Oils Your body needs them eating fish that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids i.e. salmon, sardines, mackerel and anchovies.  Where as fish such as Tilapia contain mostly omega 6 fatty acids and is not that healthy.

With that said, much of our fish population is farm raised and toxic with mercury (solid white tuna, although not farm raised, should not be consumed regularly as it may contain higher levels of mercury) and PCB’s so wild caught is the way to go and usually you will need a high quality fish oil supplement, like the ones sold at Stern Chiropractic, to provide you with the additional amounts of omega 3 you need on a daily basis to reduce inflammation and improve the health of your heart, bones and nerve system.


How about Grains? 

Let’s make it simple.  The more processed the grain is, the less healthy it is.  Whole grainsWheat Growing are best.  Just know that excess amounts of grain (omega 6 fats) can be very pro-inflammatory and must be offset with extra omega 3 fats.  Brown rice is better than white.  Some people have gluten sensitivities and must avoid wheat, barley, and rye but can eat other grains including buckwheat, corn, rice, amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff.  In addition, there are many concerns about GMO (genetically modified organisms).  GMO foods (many grains – you need to specifically search for non-GMO) can have a negative impact on our bodies and should be avoided as much as possible.


How to Pick the Healthiest Vegetables & Fruits

Summer brings with it a wonderful selection of fresh vegetables and fruits found both inChoosing the best vegetables the grocery stores and farmers markets.  Should you choose Organic?  Locally Grown?  Is the produce at the farmers market the best?

  • Organic produce offers the benefits of being pesticide-free.
  • Locally Grown produce offers the promise of being fresher (because it is not shipped far) and you are supporting local farmers.
  • Store bought produce, if you follow the sales, many times can be cheaper.

Tips to Picking the Best Produce

1. Green Leafy Vegetables – no matter if it is organic or locally grown, if the greens aren’t deep green and crisp, the produce may not be as fresh as you think or maybe it was stored/shipped improperly.

2. Vegetables of color (i.e. red, yellow & orange peppers) should be bright and colorful, should be firm (watch out for soft spots) and should not have any foul odors.

3. Limp is Bad – if the carrots and celery aren’t crisp, keep on walking.  Make sure you are getting fresh, crisp vegetables.  They will definitely last longer.

NOTE: If you are not buying organic, make sure to download and use this GREAT Fruit and Vegetable Wash to easily remove the Toxic chemicals that were sprayed onto your produce.


If you and your family are looking to improve your lifelong health and would like to make healthy food choices a part of that, join me at Whole Foods on Monday June 10, 2013!

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Healthy Lifestyle Educational Series

Wellness – Mind, Body & Spirit

Dr. Stern will be offering monthly health and wellness programs to help you and your Vegetables are part of a healthy dietfamily Maximize your life Potential and Optimize Your Health.  Please join us on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm for LIFE CHANGING information that will help guide you and your family to greater levels of Love, Joy, Health and Happiness.

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This month’s program will be held on Monday June 10th at 7:00 pm at Whole Foods Market in Kildeer and the topic will be Healthy Eating & Shopping Made Easy (click this link to see full details).

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