December 2012 – Gratitude

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December is hear, filled with cheer and we are focused on creating a GREAT New Year!Gratitude is the link to universal abundance  There is a saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Learning and growth opportunities come to us all the time but only when we are ready do we recognize these occurrences as opportunities.

I have been blessed in many ways as have we all but do we really realize how truly blessed we are?

Like everyone, I face challenges on a daily basis and do my best to address them in a positive manor but this is not always so easy and there are many times that I will look back and feel that I could have done things differently.  At these points I attempt to learn something from the situation so that I will approach things differently next time.

Recently I have been studying a great deal about connecting with the “flow” of the universe to allow me to serve the world at a higher level and grow and prosper in return.  What does this mean?  We all have had times where we were “in the zone” whether it be sports, times of creative thinking, work … where it just seems like you are in sync with the universe.

My studies have all pointed to 1 Key Element (the image above is a clue) to being in the flow and that is …


The movie “The Secret” as well as many other books and audios tell us that our thoughts create our reality and that if you focus on what you want and you put that message out to the universe, the universe will deliver to you what you want (and you better be careful what you ask for because you may actually get it).

I have practiced this for years with positive affirmations, goal setting, meditation … but it never fully delivered and even from the beginning, I just knew there was something missing.  But what could it be?  Even a persistent fellow like myself will get a little down when you go to all these efforts on a daily basis for years with no notable return on your time and effort investment.

What I have come to learn more recently is that there was a piece missing.  A vital piece that has the potential to turn everything around.

That vital piece is GRATITUDE!

When you take a closer look at yourself: who you are, what you have, who you have, the wonders of the world around you … you realize, WOW, I truly am blessed.  Even in the toughest of times, you have life which is opportunity which is a blessing to be grateful for and even if it does not seem that way at the time, it truly is.

When you find GRATITUDE in your daily life and project that out along with the messages of what you want, the universe starts to listen more closely.

Not only does the universe listen more closely but you are more GRATFUL for all that you have and your enjoyment of life is more ABUNDANT.  This JOY and ABUNDANCE then spills over onto everyone you touch and creates JOY and ABUNDANCE in their lives and like ripples in a pond, the JOY and ABUNDANCE spreads.

Now what could make for a better holiday season and New Year than JOY and ABUNDANCE for all?


 Exercises to Connect with Your GRATITUDE

I have read many self improvement books, attended conferences on personalGratitude is the link to universal abundance development, participated in many webinars and conference calls on creating the life of your dreams and have understood the concepts but could never internalize them to turn the knowledge into something that I truly believed at a deeper level.  The follwoing are a few things that have helped me experience my gratitude and may help you as well.

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal – at the end of each day, write down the things you are grateful for.  They don’t have to be big and you may repeat things from day to day but the process of writing it down will help you connect more deeply with and help you to realize the things that you are grateful for.
  • When something happens that you are grateful for, take a second and say thank you.  Thank the person involved, thank the person delivering what ever it is, thank anyone you can and send a message of thanks to the universe.
  • Take a Gratitude Break – in the middle of each day, take a minute to stop, breath deep, think about a few things you are grateful for and thank the universe for what you have.

There are many more things you can do to experience GRATITUDE and CREATE JOY and ABUNDANCE in your life and we would be grateful for the opportunity to help you achieve this.

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Be thankful for what you have, help those in need.


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